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I've heard that a few people have cried fowl over the continuity about the Black Rock ship in the Ab Aeterno. I've heard that it doesn't fit the scene when we are first introduced to Jacob and MIB which is the Incident episode because the weather is sunny. There are a few theories about it that fit the bill. They could just be two different ships or maybe it has to do with the time paradox but I believe that it is the Black Rock but it is before they crashed on the island.

Ever since the episode of The Constant in season 4, I've been trying to figure out the scene in which Widmore is buying a journal owned by a crew member of the Black Rock at an auction. It didn't make sense to me because how could he be buying the journal of someone who was shipwrecked on the island. I didn't realize it until today that the ship that passed by Jacob and MIB when they were first introduced last season was the Black Rock but it must have just been passing by as it discovered the island. The captain and crew left the island to acquire people to work on the island which is why the Captain bought Richards freedom in last nights episode.

This is the first time I've posted a theory on this site so I'm really excited about it.

Also if anyone can fill me in on the character of Elizabeth "Libby" Smith I'd really appreciate it. I'm hoping that the writers will explain how she was in an insane asylum with Hurley and later gave a ship to Desmond but I'm losing hope with the few episodes that are left. Who was she?

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