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For the last couple of days, I've heard a lot of people talking about that Black Rock arrival scene, and how this might be a continuity error since in The Incident, it was a bright, sunny day, whereas in Ab Aeterno, there's this huge storm.

Some fellow LOST fans said the boat we saw in The Incident was probably not the Black Rock, basically convinced there was no way Darlton could have made that mistake.

Some said the tsunami that brought the Black Rock to smash the statue happened after the scene with Jacob an MiB on the beach in The Incident (how convenient). Therefore, it's perfectly normal, this is just an other "day turning into night" thing.

That's fine. Maybe that's the case, I guess we'll find out sooner than later since Darlton seemed pretty confident about this issue in their last podcast.

But I still think - no matter what the explanation will ultimately be - that there was an error.

In Ab Aeterno, in the last scene, Jacob comes to see MiB and he's surprised the latter tried to kill him :

JACOB : So yout tried to kill me ?
MiB : You expect an apology ?
JACOB : No. I guess I'm just wondering why you did it.

BUT, in The Incident, Jacob clearly knows MiB is trying to kill him :

MiB : Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you ?
JACOB : Yes.
MiB : One of these days, sooner or later, I'm gonna find a loophole, my friend.

So that's it. If we're dealing with two different ships and thus two different time periods, my bad, this is irrelevant. But if this is the same boat, I don't understand how Jacob could wonder why MiB tried to kill him at the end of Ab Aeterno if just a couple of days before he definitely knew all about it (in The Incident). There's something weird in those pieces of dialogue that doesn't add up.

I'm not really proud of writing a theory saying "Darlton screwed up", coz i love them and I love LOST no matter what.

But I'm curious to find out what you guys think about this, since I haven't seen anyone discuss this particular point.

Anyway, enjoy the last 9 hours, everybody ! I sure as hell will !

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