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Smokie can basically see your past, your weaknesses, and how he can exploit them and ultimately manipulate you. This is evident when it manifests itself into Isabella. How else would he know who she is if he didn't have the power to look at Ricardo's past when smokie was "scanning" him?

He (MiB) also makes sure that you are at one of the lowest/weakest points of your life before he approaches you. He knew that Richard loved his wife more than anything. He also knew that he was a God fearing man. What did he do? First off, he made sure Richard suffered when he was in the Black Rock. Did not come help him for a while. Then, he manifested himself into his one and only love, his wife - someone who Richard would do ANYTHING for - and when he had lost all hope of seeing her again (after he hears her scream), he proceeds to tell him that the "devil" has taken her and the only way he can get her back and escape "hell" is if he killed the devil. Manipulation complete.

Let's see Eko's case and why he was killed.

Eko, on the other hand, stopped believing in the island. He stopped being a man of faith, which is what MiB (Man in Black) basically wanted him to be.

When Eko encounters smokie for the first time, we can now assume that MiB sees his past and his history with his brother and therefore let's him go because he feels that his love for his brother can be used against him - which is what he does.

Smokie manifests himself into Yemi. Asks Eko for a confession. Now, he was probably hoping he would ask for forgiveness and ask Yemi what he needs to do for this sins to be absolved, which is where Yemi/MiB would have started to manipulate him. INSTEAD, he does not ask for forgiveness. Basically says he is proud of everything that he has done so far because he did not have a choice (rewatch that scene man, it's fucking epic). Yemi/MiB realizes that Eko is no longer a man of faith and will no longer just believe in the "island" or its manifestation blindly, therefore kills him before he starts influencing the other LOSTies.

Locke never lost his faith in the island and MiB knew that this faith of his can easily be used to make him do whatever he wants - which is why when Locke first encounters smokie he describes it as "beautiful" - whereas Eko stopped believing, hence became harder/impossible to manipulate. MiB could manifest himself into Christian and tell Locke to do ANYTHING and he would within a second, thus making him a very easy target, whereas Eko stopped believing in all this - and let's not forget that he was also trying to get Locke to stop believing (he had already started to tell Locke that the island is pointless, it serves no purpose). So not only was he worthless to MiB but he was proving to be dangerous as he was making HIS "candidates" think twice.

Also, Yemi/MiB's reply to Eko after his confession, in a disgusted tone:

"You speak to me as if I were your brother."

How cold is that? And what a difference from his previous interactions with Yemi. Now we know exactly what he meant by that and why he said it! At first, MiB was pretending to be Yemi so that he can manipulate Eko, but after he sees that even that is having no influence on him, he let's his real/evil side out and says the truth in such a cold way, I can almost see MiB saying that in his tone! Brilliant writing.


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