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In the end there will be only "hell" by chalovak

You know, last night episode put some things in its right place, but also it changed the shape of other things.
Oh, God, how I loved all Jacob's words about bottle and cork!

Keeping EVIL at bay, or else Hurley's words "we are all going to hell" would come truth. And you know what? I believe it's already happened.
Before Ab Aeterno, I thought that neither MIB nor Jacob would win, cause it was all about balance: black and white, good and evil, Ying and Yang.. Even when Sayid had become evil, Ben turned into the good one.
But then I remembered Sideways. What are they? Do they show us losties' salvation? I believe not. I bet they have larger skeletons in the closet in sideways. Why? Because Sideways' world is the world without island (at least after seventies). It's the world without THE CORK. But when Hurley was repeating Isabella's words about hell, I don't think she meant the all-in-flames hell, but I guess she was talking about each person's own hell. We've seen only Jack and John living happily ever after (Sayid, Sawyer, Kate blew everything), but let's be honest, it's Jack and John, and i'm sure their ALT life will be shown with full of despair and stuff.
So, here it is. I believe there is no happy-ending for LOST, evil will prevail, because, well, that's the life without "Jacob".

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