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Ok, this has probably been posted before but here we go:

The children conceived and born on the island gain its special, semi god-like powers (not aging, ability to revive sick or near-dead people, possibly event to travel in time, etc). These people include Jacob and MiB. The children that were only born, but not conceived on the island are born with limited powers (like Miles and his ability to hear the last thoughts of the dead people).

So why aren't the recent children conceived on the island able to survive no more? Maybe it's somehow done by Jacob (or possibly some yet-unseen force) to prevent things from getting "out of hand", i.e. from more people like MiB being born and possibly escaping the island to wreack havoc with their powers in the outside world.

Also, people who were born outside the island but have had some psychic powers (Hurley and Walt) have these attributes strenghtened when they enter the island.

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