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OKay i know this theory/idea has been thrown out, but i have some reasons to support it.

I think the man we see as Jacob is really the MIB and vice versa. Jacob(MIB) put MIB(Jacob) in his "security system" state where he cant go home, because he is bound to some curse/duty due to the false jacob.

I believe fake jacob/MIB gave Richard his eternal youth in exchange for keeping fake jacobs secret hidden. This is why nobody can visit/speak to Jacob(MIB) other than Richard. Jacob(MIB) is hidding, from the real Jacob. THis could explain why Richard looked like he was trippping. He knows MIB(Jacob) is pissed that he's been screwed, so he panics and starts running around the island, coming out the cuts, like a crack addict looking for his fix.

When Flocke took sawyer to the caves, i found them to be too dark and evil to really belong to Jacob, that is why this supports my theory. The caves belonged to the evil fake jacob(MIB), and the person showing sawyer the caves(MIB) was the real Jacob.

Why would a person who's all faithful and god like Not warn his followers about the trouble to come at the temple in the episode "Sundown". If i was an Other I would be like "fuck that im out"

The one we see as Jacob shows no compassion for any of his followers, but i guess that is the point of faith. John locke had the most faith and look what happened to him. shhhaaaddyyyyy.

Yeh i know claire and sayid look pretty evil and i have no argument about that, i could be way offf(how many times have i read people saying that?) hahahaha. But when i think about LOST and how the show works, they never lead a big storyline in a simple minded manner. They always work it so you think one thing is happening, and then the next moment BOOM! your LOST, or like "Oh WTF!!!"

This is the final season and i gotta believe that the writers have prepped up some final "WTF" moments for us.

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