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'Constant' radicalized by Pete

Ok, few days ago, I wrote a pretty long theory. Now I would like to add a few short observations.

When Daniel says to Desmond he is miraculously special, and that rules do not apply to him, I believe, because of the way he was exposed to the energy of the Island (which started with the failsafe, and seen in Flashes before your eyes). Of course, some deeper fate may be guiding him, but that is besides the point. Now, one extreme instance of this being special is 'Constant'. He is actually back in Scotland, but through his consciousness, although he thinks that not this, but being on the island was a dream (while we would expect it to be the other way around). In 'Flashes', the similar thing happened. Now, I guess that rules do not apply to him because he can time travel with his consciousness only, while others have to be physically present as well.
Now, remember Faraday from The Variable (and it is not strange that 'Variable' and 'Constant' episodes are significantly attached). He said that rules can be bent, if one creates a big enough event. I am thinking what that meant is 'We can be like Desmond if we created on island energy release on a big enough scale, and thus replicate what happened to him only'. If that 'worked', like Juliet said, then two realities we see are actually the ones in which losties do manage to get of island, but only via consciousness, thinking, like Desmond that that is something actual. Why do they not know about the island, or thinking it is a dream? Because the incident was a big enough rip for them to bridge immediately. But, when producers say they will merge the two stories, this might be what they are thinking. We see glimpses of it already - Jack talks to Desmond and he seems familiar, Claire coming up with the name for the baby, Kate looking at Jack... They all act like Desmond in 'Co! nstant', but on an extreme scale, not connecting their physical and their mental presences yet.

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