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On Who is Good or Bad by you all everybody

So here are the facts:

Jacob sent Hurley with Sayid to the Temple to get healed

At this point Sayid was not cured by the others yet revived
this resulted in Dogan being suspicious and wanting him dead

Flocke sent Claire in to the temple and this ultimately resulted in Dogan sending out Sayid and resulting in Sayid killing Dogan resulting in Flocke killing all of the others that didn't leave.

It would seem that Jacob was aware of the final outcome (the temple being destroyed) when he instructed Hurley to go to the temple. We know Jacob is an excellent manipulator, as this is visible in his use of Jack to prime him to be the next leader. He is also tells Hurley not to go warn the people at the temple. So the question is why did Jacob want the others all dead or join flocke?

There are multiple theories already out there regarding who is good or bad and we have been well introduced to the inner scale of the human body. The scale has been tipped in favor of Flocke as seen by his removing the white stone from his scale. Yet he is still recruiting an army. So there seems to be no doubt there is conflict in the future. Sides have seemingly been built up with the anticipation conflict. Yet I don't believe conflict will occur because now that the scale is upset it will not reset unless the white stone is replaced. So flocke's army will be used to pressure Jack to take the role of Jacob to balance out the scale.

This seems to be Jacob's goal. So by using Hurley to kill the others, Jacob knowingly builds up Flocke's army because it will be used to restore balance on the island.

Can it be assumed that Jacob wants balance? I would say yes because: Jacob has been described as the protector of the island and ****ing scales have been introduced into the story-line since the begging.

Yet Flocke also wanted to recruit the others. Flocke also used Sayid. Flocke has said he wants to be free. He is "trapped". Does Flocke think the island actually needs a protector? The island seems to be significant enough that a balance of power needs to exist on it. So I am proposing that Flocke wants to restore balance and at the same time release himself. This may been an obvious conclusion seeing as Flocke says I am trapped and the balance of power has also been shoved down out throats.
Yet the events in the lighthouse only strengthen this theory.

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