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why jack is the next jacob by shepards son

this is my theory on why i think jack will be the replacement of jacob, keep in mind this is just a theory and dont know how ay of this will truly play out.

jack is the only person that always does things for the greater good of the people. he never tries to manipulate anyone into doing anyting for his own benefit. he leads people and is always upfront and honest unless it might cause a problem among the people(when he lies to protect juliet).

jack is always trying to fix things, just like jacobs is trying to fix people of their evil ways. a triat that comlements jacobs work. he is not easily influenced by anyone and would sacrafice himself before anyone else only if it were necessary.

he's the only one who has changed completely from the person he was and now to a man of complete blind faith.

hurley's still the way he's always been(just outright good).

sawyers still conning nothing really changed.

sun and jin always the same

sayid did change but the island had nothing to do with it, seeing he was trying to leave that life behind before ever crashing and he's also claimed that could play out different.

locke is supposedly dead and taken over by MIB.

jack has and is beeing tested just like the other candidates. but he's shown all the characteristics of a leader. love for others, doing what's right,trying to fix problems, and finally walking in shoes he's faught hard to stay out of, having faith.

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