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the long awaited black rock story leaves us with even more questions that supposed answers. my theory will follow this list of questions this episode and really the entire series has given us. you would think that after centuries of the fertility statue
of taweet marking island, or whatever else was its purpose, that the destruction of the statue was what brought about the island not allowing any new births and killing every mother to be. that would have made sense. the statue breaking apart in an hbomb explosion would have made sense, it breaking apart from the modern day release of the smoke monster by the initial bomb explosion way way down into the earth where juliet fell with the bomb could have been the blast that "opened the box" to use pysche ward lennys words( up to that point in 1977 there were no

on screen showings of the monster, remember? the earliest sighting shown on show was 1987 flash thru time with jin and pregnant rousseu, after the 1977 incident, other than that only the ancient wall carving picture of smokey vs anibus on wall of below temple ben fell into) it would have made great sense that jacob/others had trapped the monster (devil) and kept it imprisioned until the sonic explosion that the island controlled or digested to contain complete nuclear destruction nonetheless
opened the locked gate, or box, to hell. but no. we see the monster free and killing everyone in 1867. we see the black rock knocking down statue, and dont you think jacob may say "hey you destroyed my freaking thousand year old statue, dude!" but no
its hey dont worry about it i still got the foot. hey dont worry about it i brought you guys here and instantly you all got killed except for you richard" and everybody ive ever brought here over the thousands of years all get killed real quick cause my brother has an anger problem"
so why were babys still allowed to be born on island after 1867
destruction of taweet? juliet delivered fine healthy ethan in 1974 no problem , so what caused curse or whatever truce was broken that now all mommies die?? who or what told dharma look you have to build a timer that must release the h bomb energy buildup every 108 minutes or else its these 5 hierogyliphs will happen...dont worry what they mean just put them in the clock timer as a "sh#t hits the fan" message for those who dont push button every 108 minutes. so mib gives mortal rich the holy knife to kill jacob saying he must get him before he speaks..
same advise kung fo gave sayid to kill mib. question: so why then was ben able to kill jacob with any old knife and have long conversion with jacob first?? huh? am i missing something here?
has for centuries jacob bringing "candidates " only to have mib try to use them to kill jacob and mib killed all the ones he scanned and he didnt think they could be used against jacob?
question: why cant mib/christian/smokey his fuzzy little black self turn frozen donkey wheel himselves to escape? the little invisible boy on island said "uh uh uh no wheel for you cloudy!"
question: are the creepy cursed numbers just going to be forgotten as props for first 5 seasons and now we see theyre just identifing the last candidates? so why such meteor hitting chicken store everyone around me gets creamed luck back in big city if all they meant was your a candidate?? if smokey/fate/devil/whatever wanted to kill off candidates before they ever got to island why didnt jack, sawyer others get creamed or nearly creamed once hurley used them to win lottery?
hurley, like sam roomy, sure had the bad bad really bad luck around me since i used numbers blues but no other "candidate" did?? question: did smokey/devil/evil succesfully get off island in alt timeline that sunk island? are we going to see smokey in the good old usa causing behind the scenes end of the world fun?
i sure hope so as the alt timeline BETTER have one hell of a payoff rather than just "look how good our lives would be if we didnt have to sacrifice ourselves to save the world"
ive thought the show was about hell from season one claire episode with pyschic and the pens not working to sign aaron away act of god scene. not to mention before we ever knew of hatch, hole in ground on island, clires first episode shows us her boyfriend painter with picture clearly in frame saying "hello"
only go look at it it never said that it says "hell with space then a off centered not o looking hole" thats what it shows us...hell then the hole...the hole they opened into the island
that opened the box letting out the gates of hell. then on blast door map latin says "save yourself from hell" and religious saying "lift it up lift it up lift it up". then ekos jesus stick
and faith win in stare down with smokey "though i walk the the shadow of death i fear no evil thy rod and staff protect me"
too bad eko didnt have his stick in cost of living stare down with smokey. question: so mib scand eko and sees he can use guilt of dead brother to get eko to find the swan and tell mib what the ????? were as mib didnt know what numbers to punch in in dream..so did mib want the timer to run out or did mib want to prevent timer for running out?? question: was dave mib wanting to get a "candidate" to kill himself jumping off cliff or was dave dead and really a hurley ghost? question: walt
ill leave it at that as there are wayyy too many unanswered walt questions. therory that young aaron from first storyline, not alt timeline is person locked in widmore sub is presented here by me. i thought about it being desmond or faraday but the really oh my god moment that would make sense is if it is 4 year old aaron, the one "he who will save us all" yeah i know he aint a candidate but the only candidate i want to take over is hurley
and maybe aaron can be hurleys protector in some way like mib coulnt hurt richard while jacob was alive as otherwise why richard all terrorfied of mib in locke form NOW IF RICHARD AND LOOSE SMOKEY HAVE COEXISTED FOR !*) YEARS ON SMALL ISLAND ALREADY???...and another question: why didnt ash keep out circles work once kung fo died yet still worked once jacob himself died?...if all the whispers(which the writers said would be cooly explained by shows end) are centuries of souls wandering hell are all of them just scanned memories by mib he has used on live people to get his way? why could jacob clearly leave island and alpert leave island but mib cant? is it that same little invisible boy saying "thats against the rules" is invisible boy possibly frozen wheel future aaron came back to ensure he himself got born on island and not on mainland to be adopted so he went back to our time to protect his future crazy mommy so that the islands future protector will be born? or is invisi! ble boy the first and real version of what weve seen as jacob and mib? are we ever going to see about the vallentia equation that was the cursed numbers and are stated on blast door map? are enough of all our questions going to be addressed?
my therory is no........and that will be very sad
but hey...if we can recapture the devil and start up the old 108 timer to keep saving the world then that will have to be enough i guess...good luck kate..you were my eye candy all this lovely ride even if most fans were annoyed by you..thank you locke and ben and eko for the 3 standout acting jobs on show..the hero may have supposed to be jack but we all know this has always been john lockes show and story..terry has given us the acting job of our lifetime, sorry to tony soprano, john locke is and will always be the man....michael emerson was superb, as was adawaylee
anmd what can i say about hurley??? love you hurley..you are the shows heart and soul and hurley deserves to be the winning candidate...sawyer you rocked and i fear you will galantly be the hero in death that will break all our hearts..so my therory
is we will all cry and all cheer and all go thru years of withdrawl once this show...the greatest show on earth..closes
thanks to damon and carlton and bender and thanks to all of the loyal loving fans...cherish these last 8 episodes like our children soon leaving for college...we will always have the dvds
of them growing up...but we shall miss them as our own children who leave us to go on in the real world out there...a world thankfully safe from hell by their fateful heroics
so no more questions now...just cherish our loved ones and see it through...and have the tissues ready for the tears

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