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It seems like there are two - possibly three cadre's of others:

The outside the Temple "Others"
The inside the Temple "Others"
The Jacob's body-guards "Others"

The outside Temple others are with Richard Alpert - we still need to fully understand why Richard doesn't age, he appears to be Jacob's go-to boy for notes and lists to bring the "Leader" of the others who seems to be part of the Outside of the Temple others...

Couple of things/questions come to mind:

1. Widmore stated to Locke "A war is coming..." - now we all original thought this was between Widmore & Ben, we were wrong. How does Widmore apparently know about the "war of the Gods" between Jacob and MIB ?

2. Why is Ben so utterly CLUELESS --- he doesn't know about who Jacob is or what he is, he apparently didn't know or understand the "Black Smoke" beyond pulling the mud plunger to summon it. He doesn't seem to know anything about Candidates and that Jack & Co. are all on Jacob's 4-8-15-16-23-42 "List".

3. Ilana & Co. --- Jacob's bodyguards, seem to be totally clued in to the "war" to "Candidates" and what is going on. Apparently the outside Template others and Richard Alpert are not aware of them and don't know them, but Illana & Co. knew Richard Alpert (Ricardo - I suppose that was Richards "original" name from most likely when he came on the Black Rock slaver ship.) but Richard doesn't know Illana & Co...

4. Richard appears to know who FLOCKE is inside, and seems very surprised that he is still around, though wouldn't Richard know who and what FLOCKE truly is/was and that he is the Smoke Monster? Odd...

5. Now we have Dogen and the Inside Temple "Others" who apparently seem to be far more "in the know" that any (ahem... Other "Others") Dogen knows about Candidates, knows about the Smoke Monster, apparently Jacob has come and visited the Temple in the past judging by Dogen's question "When is Jacob coming..." and it seems - like the Stewardess on 815 who served Jack his mini-bar drinks and the Prison Guard watching over Kate --- they had some kind of direct outside "observation" or "influence" on Jack & Co. in the pre-Island crash days... That still needs answers.

5a. Dogen also apparently has some kind of other role - his life somehow kept the smoke monster from entering the Temple - for what reason? Apparently as we all thought, the Temple does not appear to be the Exit Point to get off of the Island (Obviously the "Others" had to have been able to get off the island at will without using the Donkey Wheel or well before Dharma showed up with its submarine) --- so what is the point of the Temple and the need to guard it from the smoke monster?

6. Lastly - Dogen said something which now casts some darker doubts on Jacob and the whole good/bad thing... We cautiously assume Jacob is "good" and since the MIB literally kills everything in site, brings the dead back to life to kill for him and is lying at every turn - well the MIB sure seems quite evil...

However, Dogen said that Jacob would save his son's life in return for Dogen becoming the Temple guardian and that he could never see his son again. Not exactly what we'd all see as a totally kind offer, sure the kid lives, but the father will never know him, so its like the kid is dead anyway. Also, we still need to go back to the nagging scene - Jacob distracts Sayid from the oncoming car... was Jacob saving Sayid or making it so Sayid couldn't react next to Nadia and have saved her life - if Jacob is good, then why interfere in a way that causes a life to be lost. So we really have to wonder - are both of these guys evil or just selfish - that as Gods, they have no care for Humans who are put pawns in this game....

I almost half expect that the end of Lost will be like the bathroom scene from Trading places where the two millions settle up on their bet as to who was right/wrong and one gives the other a Dollar as the prize for ruining so many people's lives.


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