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I think that in addition to the characterizations of Man of Science and Man of Faith, we should drop in a "Man of Reason" here.

I believe that (holding on to the fact that everyone will choose a side) Jack will follow Jacob in the end because he is *reasonable* enough to understand that what MIB is or offers him is nonsense and deception. Same probably goes for Hurley, who is one of the most reasonable characters around.

Unreasonable characters: Ben, Sayid, Claire, just as examples. Those are also the probably most tormented characters (I wager to say that Sayid is way more tormented than Jack.)

So Jack, Hurley, and, well, who else (?) will become People of Reason, and follow Jacob.

Funny though how MIB represents himself as being "reasonable". It's a con within a con within a con.

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