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Now, it seems that Jacob could be done in by a knife from sniveling Ben, but that a knife was not enough to kill Flocke, even when wielded by Sayid -- a trained killer. Why?

It seems to me that the answer lies in Flocke's loophole. Ben could kill Jacob because Ben was "claimed" by Jacob. Sayid was not yet claimed or recruited, so he couldn't kill Flocke. Why is Sayid "infected" then, if he had not been claimed. And why did Sayid rise from the dead, if he was not claimed or possessed? The answer must lie in the true nature of the Island.

Despite what has been taught by most religions and cultures, including the Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, etc., Armageddon is not a one time battle -- it has been constantly fought throughout the ages, on the Island. The battle is not between any two specific individuals, like the Messiah and Antichrist, it has been between two individuals, filling dictated roles -- one for good, most recently Jacob, and one for evil, most recently Flocke.

While the battle is fought constantly, it only ends once -- whatever happens before that is just progress,

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