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White Rabbits and Moths by pantslessgrandpa

I just rewatched disc two of S1 White Rabbit and the Moth. These episode can be viewed through a new filter or "looking glass." Now that we have context for which to apply to them we can get some answers.

Jacob needed jack to get to soem place, and like the moth, the struggle of Jack's development made him who he is now on the island (let the dynomite burn, i have faith) This struggle will prepare Jack for the ultimate showdown(which I predict is lurking). In White Rabbit an apparition in the form of his father appearred to him, eventually leading Jack to fall off a cliff. Now that we know Claire sees "her friend" and a seprate entity her father, I wonder if this was MIB trying to kill Jack early and cross him off Jacob's list. I use to think after the Expose episode with Paulo and Hottie? that Jack's dad faked his death with the Medusa spider, but know this the MIB uses Christians form to manipulate Jack into falling off that cliff before the game could even really begin. In the same episode Locke saves Jack from the precipice and tells Jack that he must continue on hsi journey that the journey was necessary to making who he was, and what he eventually is in season 6. Locke ! tells him that he saw the heart of the island and it was "beautiful." I think that this support my theory that the appirition of Christian was MIB trying to kill Jack, and the Locke was so luckily there due to his recent encounter with Jacob and being under his influence. Jacob make Locke be there in the knick of time, to counter act MIB deception. You can see in this episode the game between MIB vs Jacob being played out, and you see how each characters past experience,and choices lead them to eventually struggle enough to meet the challenge of fufilling their destiny.

PS: Dr. Linus is first clear cut proof that the Alt shows how the characters are essentially the same at heart no matter what the external surroundings maybe.

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