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Lost based around Tengriism by IYI

Here is one quote from the Tengrist religion which is the oldest religion in the world.

"Subsequently the dark alps repeatedly tried to destroy mankind but rulers of the Earth, the light alps decided that the new race should be given a chance.

Mortal men have the opportunity at the end of earthly life to return to the Creator, thus leaving the created world, while the immortal Alps are imprisoned in it as long as it exists. The dark Alps rebelled against that order and as a result fallen from the divine equilibrium - their spiritual path tends to be the self-destruction. In their fall, they are trying to pull away the succumbed humans, hoping to destroy the created world, which has become a painful for them prison. To achieve this, they aim to eliminate the differences (inequality) in it."

Sounds similar? MIB not wanting humans on the island, while Jacob decided that they should be given a chance.

As being immortal, MIB is imprisoned on the island and can't escape as long as it exists. Meaning forever.

MIB rebelled against Jacob's rule and his aim is the self-destruction. MIB is pulling away the succumbed Losties with him, hoping to destroy the created island and end his prisonment.

Nothing more complicated than this as the show should be explainable to the average viewer. I Don't have an idea how the last sentence about eliminating the differences (inequality) fits in thou. Post any ideas you might have.

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