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I've thought since season 5 that the rope Sawyer has in his hands when they timeflash to the era where the statue is still standing, leaving the rope in the ground, leading down into the chamber with the Frozen Donkey Wheel is a huge key. Seeing the Island under water in the alt pushed this idea a bit further.

Think about it, you're an 'ancient', you come across this rope leading down into the ground, you dig it up, you find the chamber, unlock the island's ability to jump around, geographically, and in time, etc. This is how I think the Island is able to move through time/space in the first place, the discovery of this chamber, which wouldn't have been possible without the crash of 815, subsequent time skipping, and Sawyer having a death grip on that rope during their brief period in ancient times.

Now say, flight 815 doesn't crash, they don't time skip, don't end up in ancient times, and Sawyer is never holding that rope to leave it in the ground. If this is how the ancients found the chamber, then they never would have, and therefore not unlocked its power, or at least not in its current Frozen Donkey Wheel harnessed state.

From time to time, the Island has needed to be moved, aside from the constant moving it apparently does, due to a threat from the outside, like the Kahana crew.

Assuming the alt is a version where the 815ers never have even heard of the Island, the reason the Island is underwater in the alt may be something along the lines of a tidal wave destroying the Island because Island residents didnt have access to the FDW and its power, due to 815 not crashing and Sawyer not ending up in ancient times to show them the way to the chamber and the wheel.

I understand that was a lot of dominoes falling into each other, but that's how this show rolls, little things here and there make up the basis of everything.

That rope in the ground seems so crucial, and has to have some sort of relevancy.

I wouldn't be surprised if we find out at the end all of their timeflashes and other actions were what led to everyone that came to the island arriving there, and all of the developments with the exotic matter, etc on-island.

Does Richard Alpert think Locke is special without meeting him in the 50s? No.

Does the pocket of energy under the Swan get failsafed without 815ers? No.

Do they find the chamber without the crash/timeflash of 815ers? Assuming I'm right, no.

I'm sure there are other examples, but the clock is getting close to 3am here, so please, feel free to fill in anything I've missed/neglected in the comments.

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