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I would like to just throw this theory out there because I believe "The Substitute" was the beginning of setting up an emotional connection with Smokey.

Initially I was disappointed to have the terrifying and exciting mysterious nature of Smokey taken away form us, but then I realized, that's exactly what a "shift of perspective means" We later get a glimpse of that in "Lighthouse" where we have a mirror that literally shifts your perspective by giving you 360 different stories to study.

So yes for Jack the Innocent it was a mind game. But if the lighthouse wheel is not the perfect game for a disturbed genius who eats fresh fish and patiently weaves away to assert his opinion, I don't know what is.

Yes theories talked of quantum suicide, and it sounded right back then, but it was still an abstract notion. Now...we actually get to see what that looks like. An pic internal struggle going on within the universe's actual substance that is undecided about whether humans are actually worth saving. It HAS to relate to humans, because although ones side of the universe has a cold calculating optimism while the opposite side has en emotional jaded and suicidal fatigue of its own evolution journey, then the only solution would be to let diverse group of representatives of the equation play it out to its conclusion.
Call the island the embodiment of the universe's confusion, not a source of all knowledge.

So what does this universe do ? it creates through a mathematical instinct a little neutral zone called The Island where the both sides can play the chess game and the game will decide for the universe.
Pretty smart show wouldn't you say?

This is how Lost has operated thus far. Every time we think someone has the control, or the answer, we are plunged into their dilemma.
The temple was not entirely destroyed, but rather the hippy sheep who inhabited it. If anything I was surprised that Smokey's energy was so focused on getting rid of those guys.
That's the thing with Smokey. Or let's call it John Locke for now to give him a face. He is trapped. He wants to go home. He wants to leave the island. So clever how you can answer that conundrum with so many different answers.

Where is he trapped ? On the dark side ? Is that why he chose John Locke. A man whose "goodness" is so unquestionable that might finally tip the balance within himself and leave the island ?
Yes it's exotic and beautiful and travels through time. But it makes more sense if you start thinking of hell/ damnation/ the end whatever you want to call it, like the underworld calculator.

We have had so many subtle references, that balance on the island is intertwined with the balance of the universe. Is that what Smokey needs to do ? To inhabit "good men" to move over to the other side ?

It doesn't matter now that we're in season six what the mechanism is. We've seen it all - ghosts, undead people, time travel, nuclear explosions, drowned islands, jamming guns, it's endless.

The Substitute and Lighthouse definitely make you start to obsess. Just what did Smokey do to deserve this entrapment ?
Fallen angel ? Suicidal or desperately trying to become "good" ?
It definitely only ends once. And I think it's impossible to take that phrase to mean more than that.
We know Jacob believes in progress. So what's the opposite of that ? Destruction ? It doesn't fit.

For sure the most interesting thing about Season Six is now Smoky. What is his agenda??
And what is the reason he didn't kill Ben in the temple and showed up as Alex to give him one last warning ?
With a Ben Centric episode coming up, will we get to learn what that special connection Ben has with the monster is ?
I sure hope so.

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