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A Theory of Scales by MHKM

First I want to say I thought of this from reading The Last Supper - Two Teams by The Graphite, although I believe it to be an original thought, he/she was the catalyst.

Furthermore if this is not an original thought, I apologize to anyone who might have laid this out before.

Speaking to the Last Supper promos released before the season began, I believe The Graphite is right on in that these last supper pictures give us a solid clue to what the sides of the impending war are going to be.

My main revelation here is that these pictures represent the scales we have been seeing and hearing about so often this season. Just imagine if you could superimpose the scale from FLocke's cave onto the photo and you will clearly see what I am saying.

Links to the photos:


Additionally, I am offering that the proximity to FLocke in the photo represents the mixture of good and evil Dogen was referring to in Sundown. For instance it is pretty obvious that Sawyer and Jack have been constantly battling throughout the seasons as to what kind of person they want to be, good or bad, constantly walking the line, this being why they reside so close to the edge, or in this case FLocke (In the photo that is). Another example, Hurley, this dude is super good, wouldn't hurt a fly, that is why he is at the further end of Jack's side of the table. And another example being Claire, she is at the further side of FLocke's side of the table.

Now here is where people point out that Miles and Claire switch spots in the two different versions of the photo. I propose the two different versions represent, more or less, the two different time lines we are seeing this season.

The one where they are all looking at FLocke would be the on island version and the one where they are all looking straight ahead being the flash sideways time line (Looking straight ahead, into a mirror, reflection?)

This, if true, would parallel what we have been seeing this season in terms of the differences in the lives of the characters between the two different time lines. Jack's life gets better but still has issues, that's why his place doesn't move much between the two different versions. That's why Sun and Jin are separated in the on island version of the photo and together on the flash sideways version (My guess as we don't know yet obviously). Claire has switched sides since in the flash sideways version it seems she has come to terms with keeping Aaron etc. Kate hasn't moved because, at least for now, she doesn't seem all that different, almost neutral. Sayid stays put between the two different versions because Keamy's eggs suck in both versions, haha. I think you get the point by now.

Now cue the people who say then why are Richard and Illana on the bad side, Ben on the good side, Kate on the bad side?

I don't have much to support this as I think it is just too early to know how the rest of the characters could be manipulated. We don't have Richard's back story or Illana's and even though they do seem to be the staunchest supporters of Jacob, I could very well see that being the thing that turns them to the dark side. Whole heartily believing in Jacob to have him seemingly not care about them when the time came to get peoples back (God works in mysterious ways?).

As for Kate I can see her kind of walking the line too as Sawyer and Jack but just ever so much tilting to the dark side at a crucial point. She says she is really only here for Claire so she might not care about much else.

And last but not least, Lapidus and Miles. Lapidus is the man, hes all the way at the far end of Jack's side of the table, got to be a good guy. Anyway, you can't have your comic relief be a bad guy, doesn't fly. As for Miles, again, we just don't know enough yet. It makes sense to me he is on Jack's side in the on island version of the photo but can't yet make sense of why he would then switch. Maybe he is killed and claimed by FLocke?

Hope you guys enjoyed, little long I know but hope it was worth the read. To everyone I undoubtedly borrowed from in some measure thank you.

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