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What Jack Wants by billyjoe3362

This theory is about the recruitment of the losties by Smokie, and it doesn't answer a ton of questions, but it brings alot of them up, so feel free to comment.

As this season continues to unfold, it seems like everybody is picking sides. Theyre either A. Team jacob or B. Team MIB (NOT team edward).

So far, Smokie has gone to many different people offering them something, or promising them the one thing they desire.

Sawyer is promised to get off the island, Sayid is promised Nadia, Claire is promised Aaron, Ben is promised power, Richard is promised Isabella, the list goes on.

As we see in the previews, the upcoming episode will be about sun and jin. Sun will be promised to be reunited with Jin.

Then i got to thinking, who else is smokie going to try and recruit. He hasnt promised Kate anything yet, but it will surely be freedom. As for Hurley, im not sure but i assume hurley will not accept what it is, considering his loyalty to Jacob. What about Llana? Or possibly Lupidus.

But the real question is Jack. Firstly, i am growing more and more convinced that Jack is the replacement for Jacob. I would love for it to be hurley, but when i think about the phrase "He who will save us all" (refering to Jacob, or Whoever will fill his place) it seems hard to think it wouldnt be someone with the last name sheppard. It just seems like the entire show has led a golden path for Jack to be the leader.

Now, with that being said, i think smokie will try and recruit him, but the big question is what will he offer him? What does jack want? Does he just want to go home and pretend nothing ever happened? He tried that, now hes back on the island. I honestly cannot think of anything that jack wants, besides maybe Kate.

As i said this theory doesnt answer alot but brings up some things to think about. So feel free to comment and give me some good answers.

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