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The good and the bad. Present VS Alt. by Cameo

Lets look at the 'real on island' timeline. The people who seem to be on Jacobs side are Hurley, Jack, Sun & Ben. The ones who seem to be siding with MIB are Kate, Claire, & Sayid. Jin doesn't seem to be too involved, and Sawyer has his own account.

Now take a look at the Atl. Jack, has a son, and a relationship with his son that seems to be looking up. He seems a lot more calm, and peaceful, and so far his relationship with Christian doesn't seem to be as drastic. Hurley is a successful man, he seems to be very happy, and has the best of luck. Seems as if everything is good for Hugo. Benjamin Linus has a great relationship with Alex, and him and his father seem to be at pretty good terms. We haven't seen much about Sun, but she seems to still be the good hearted Sun we know, just with a shitty husband.

Now the other side. Kate is still a convict, she's still on the run, I'm guessing her relationship with her mother is still horrible, and she's been caught again, in a situation which seems hard to escape. Claire's life seems to be going fine, so she doesn't exactly fit into my theory, unless you count her wanting to give away Aaron, but the adoptee changing her mind. Sayid is still haunted with memories of his past, the love of his life is with his brother and still out of his grasp. He's still killing, and apparently miserable. From what we've seen of Jin, he's still an asshole and a shitty husband.

Sawyer, who doesn't seem to be siding with MIB, or Jacob, is experiencing the best of both worlds. He is a successful man, a detective, no longer a low life con artist, but has still had the tragedy to live with of his parents being killed.

What i'm trying to say is, the people siding with Jacob in the regular timeline, are having a good life, no troubles, and seem to be all around good people (Atl.). The ones who appear to be siding with MIB are all corrupt, and are bad people in the ATL.

Not exactly a stong theory, but a good thought.

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