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The Island is a spaceship by DMars

MIB (Smokey) is an alien, sent on a mission from another planet.

The mission: Go to Earth and figure out if the people on earth are good or bad.

So Smokey rides onto Earth on his spaceship that is disguised as an Island.

He recruits a bunch of Egyptians and they look up to him as a God, even building a statue in his honor.

Smokey becomes obsessed with power and eventually enslaves everyone on the island.

In a matter of weeks people start dying and many become frustrated. Soon the first murder is committed.

Smokey sees this as proof that people on Earth are evil so he decides to go back home to tell his people that Earth people are bad....

However he is stopped by one Eqyptian man. Jacob.

Jacob explains that the only reason the people were bad was because they had no free will.

Jacob asks MIB to redo the test. MIB agrees and gives Jacob eternal life, power touch, along with other powers.

MIB kills all the Eqyptians and him and Jacob and left together to begin the new game.


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