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What is the flashside?Clue from Sundown by Ahmed

Hi All,
I want to share a clue i got from watching episode 6 ( Sundown).

when Dogen was talking to Sayid, Dogen reveals his history, says that he once was a successful banker in Osaka and had a twelve-year-old son who enjoyed playing baseball. After his promotion at the bank, Dogen's coworkers took him out for celebratory drinks and Dogen had too much to drink, after which he went to pick up his son from a baseball game, that they had a very bad car accident which he survived. He is vague about whether his son died or was seriously injured. In the hospital Dogen was approached by a man he had never met, And his name is Jacob. (LostPedia) ,But what? He give us the clue that it was in Friday..!

So,back to lighthouse episode ,when Jack met him in side flashes?In Friday too right? ((Jack listens to two messages on the answering machine. The first is from the Conservatory confirming David's slot at 7:00pm on Friday the 24th)) [Lostpedia],so Dogen was picking his Son who was 12 years old from Williams Conservatory not from baseball game.

My Theory is:the flashside we are watching is the life of all who was pushed by Jacob to come to the island (all losties,Dharmas,others,other others, etc ) If Ther is no Jacob Or Jacob Died Not if the bomb went off.(everyone who arrived and lived in the island braugt by Jacob or one of his assistants).

So,anybody who's forced by Jacob to go to the island will be in LA,and will continue his life as nothing hapin before or with some Implications maybe like Jack's neck cut.

Why 2004 ?while Jacob died in 2007?
Answer: We have 2 fakes timelines created by Jacob and MIB, 1st:2007 is not real timeline it is flashforward ,because Locke turned the wheel and moved 3 years further,so if they wants to stay in this timeline they must bring Locke body to island as they did.2nd:1977 is not real timeline as well because Ben turned the wheel.So, i think the timelines not effect Jacob and maybe MIB Or Jacob was time traveler (he came from 2004 to 2007 at that moment when he died),So, Jacob died in 2004 not 2007 as we know.

my last,I think all who is in the Island will die to correct Jacob's chaos and they will continue their life in the flash-side with free will.

sorry about my English :)

Thanks for reading :)

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