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Benjamin Linus by Chester

I am not sure what to think of this but something led me to look up a bit more on "Benjamin" and "Linus" as seperate entities.
First, Benjamin means son of Jacob...could this be possible? Could Ben be the son of Jacob? Was Ben's father somehow resurrected as Jacob or was his father always Jacob without everyone knowing? Or, was Ben sort of "adopted" by Jacob?

In Greek mythology Linus refers to the name of a son of Apollo and Psamathe, whose father was the King Crotopus of Argos. Fearing her father, she exposed the child which was found and killed by sheepdogs. For this reason, they say, Apollo sent Poine (Vengeance) to punish the Argives, by snatching children from their mothers. Coroebus, then, slew Vengeance, causing a second punishment to fall upon the city that was devastated by plague.
Do you think the correlation between Linus snatching children from their mothers and the problem with pregnant women on the island is a possibility?

Not sure how this all ties in but it might be a starting point for the truth behind Ben.

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