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Remember the Comic Con Pierre Chang video, and then how it simply never appeared in Season 5?

Stay with me here, but is there one reason why that couldn't become a part of Season 6? I know I know, it's a bit of a stretch, but really would it not totally fit in? Let's take a look.

Chang said he was broadcasting through a wormhole. Well there's no reason the portal couldn't be connected to the ALT instead of simply the future of the main timeline.

And perhaps most importantly, we're all desperately trying to figure out how the ALT and Main Time lines connect anyway. Is there a literal connection or just a figurative one. I've tended to the think the connection was figurative, but what an outstanding way to establish communication between the two.

As a note of detail, from Chang's point in time, both futures are possible, therefore broadcasting to the ALT timeline for him would simply be broadcasting to the future. His message wouldn't have to jump timlines, because both futures exist from where he is in time.

There's some suspicion that Dharma didn't simply go away in the 70's. Surely their main land counterparts after discovering the island sunk, must have attempted to try to find it. Is it possible they thought the problem was so severe they thought it imperative to try and find it? Could they not have attempted to access this wormhole that allowed the message to come through? I don't know exactly how that would work, but I can completely see it happening.

Of course this would result in Dharma have a say in the final season, and after having played such an important roll in the history of the series, it would seem fitting to have them play a roll in the future of it. It might even be an opportune time to have Hanso show up.

This isn't a complete theory, but it really works on a lot of levels, and there isn't much of a reason it couldn't be true.

It would just seem like a neat way to connect the timelines, when we'd nearly forgotten and dismissed the video, and were looking a different direction.

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