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This is my first time posting a theory on this site, so be gentle. I am not sure if anyone has already posted something similar to this but here is my teo cents.

What if the alt time line we think we are seeing is actually what was always going to happen. At the end of season 5 we see Jacob touch each of our main characters. This in a sense would most likely cause the butterfly effect, which then leads them to the island.

In season 3 Eloise Hawking says to Desmond that the universe course corrects itself. That is why in season 6 we are seeing the characters going through the same stuff that happened on the island. In the supposed alt time line we see that Claire gives birth to Aaron in the same circumstances in which Claire gave birth to him on the island.

Maybe this is why Locke can walk on the island. If Jack does manage to fix Locke in flash sideways then this possibly means the universe course corrected when he was on the island, thus giving him the ability to walk.

It is a little bit outlandish but there you go, maybe we have been watching the alt time line for the past 5 seasons. We just haven't been given enough information to connect it.

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