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In response to such theories like The Sideways World Revealed? by Palirath suggestwe are seeing a world without MIB and Jacobs influence. While I agree I think it is more then just that.

It looks like we are seeing both the alternate reality and WHH theories being played out simultaneously... maybe, however I do not think we are just looking at "what happened if the plane didn't crash". We are seeing either a reset or a breaking of the time loop. The loop could very well be the trap Flocke is talking about, being trapped in a time loop as well as in the cabin and bellow the temple.

The reset had to of happened shortly after the incident - causing the island to sink? I think the lead up with flock and who ever is coming will eventuate into a war and the island sinking. The sidways version is the loop finally breaking thanks to MIB. The only other reasonable conclusion is that we are seeing the second generation Losties, the younger versions or duplicates. Either way the lives of our losties have changed in sideways land and that change has been happening since birth or from a young age, events from the island seem to be connected as well, we see them have memories, recognition and scars coincidentally.

What I don't believe we are seeing is an alternate reality, I just can not fathem how butterfly effects can create solid matter??? But then HOW do you create SOMETHING out of NOTHING before ANYTHING???

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