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How it all ends by James Poteet

I've had this theory for awhile, actually since playing the video game Lost: Via Domus. If you haven't played the game and ever intend to play the game be aware that a huge spoiler is coming up. SPOILER: At the end of Via Domus, the hero of the story (another passenger on 815 who crashed on the island) wakes up to discover that he is back on the beach having just crashed on the island. This time, however, his girlfriend is alive. Things have changed for the better, but here he is just crashed on the island. Ever since then, I've been convinced that the final scene of the show will be the opening scene from the pilot with some changes that show things have changed somewhat for the better.

Now, I haven't read every theory on here, but I'm gonna guess I'm not the first one to think of this. I was re-watching The Lighthouse again when another piece of evidence for this theory occurred to me. The show has repeatedly referenced Stephen King. His Magnus Opus was the Dark Tower series. In it, he tied together a lot of ideas he'd had in many other of his novels. In the series, the hero, Roland, chases the Dark man through numerous trials till finally at the conclusion he reaches the Dark Tower. This is the source from which the entire multiverse emanates. Inside the Tower, Roland finds a door with his own name on it. He sees scenes from his journey here and realizes that he's done this before. This time, having learned lessons about love he's given a gift which means he may have a chance to finally complete his task the next time, then he returns to the very beginning of the story chasing the man in black. The Lighthouse reminded me of this Tower and leads ! me to once again believe that this is how Lost ends. One way or another, the people from Oceanic 815 will end up back at the beginning of the story. The only question is, how much progress will they have made?

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