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What I want is Kate by JaHurley

So whats the difference in pitches when lets say Nick Saben or Urban Myers is trying to recruit someone...the deliverables.

Whichever man can make your wishes come true is the person the recruit is going to side with. The same goes for Jacob vs. MIB.

The MIB is going to convince all candidates to join his side by offering the thing they wish they could have the most.

Claire - Her baby
Sawyer - Getting off the island
Sayid - Nadia
*MIB has successfully completed recruiting these three

Kate- Getting Aaron to Claire
Sun/Jin - Getting back to each other
*MIB can easily provide these

So what does Hurley and Jack want.

Jack - Kate
Hurley - Everyone to basically get along and to be happy (originally it was to be unlucky but Jacob in the cab already told Hurley he was blessed so that is no longer an issue)

These are 2 things that he will never be able to deliver. That is why I think Jack and Hurley are going to be the ones who have to save the island because they cannot be swayed with what they want most because MIB cannot give it to them!

MIB will recruit everyone but these 2 who will eventually wind up being the "heroes" in the end.

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