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Quote of the episode:

“She just strolled in here acting all weird. Still hot though.”

- Miles, clearly wearing “island goggles” because Claire most definitely does not look hot right now.

I get at this point that the whole story is two sided. Fate vs. Free will. Good vs. Evil. But it’s harder to find definition in these blurred lines. Dogen killed his son in a drunk driving accident. That past life has caused him to show restraint from then on out. He seems to be a follower of Jacob, who appears to be the champion of “free will.” Yet, he’s already made Sayid’s mind up for him. Sayid is evil. Sayid cannot change back. Sayid must be killed. In retrospect, maybe Dogen was just watching his own ass, but still, it’s a tough contradiction to be dealing with. Free will would allow Sayid to restrain himself from killing, just as Dogen did.

While Dogen is busy playing the Legend of Zelda, handing off mythical knives to someone Ben describes as a killer (a rare quality), we’re side-flashing to Sayid and Nadia, perhaps the cheesiest story line in the world of LOST. Nadia understands what Sayid thinks he has to do on her behalf. We’ve seen him act on these impulses in previous flashbacks – working for Ben, killing fellow Iraqi soldiers to assist in her escape, even killing the chicken for his brother, etc…

But she tries to stop him. She tells him not to do whatever it is he’s thinking of doing. Repeat: Ben told Sayid he’s a killer. Dogen says he’s evil. And Martin Keamy found that out the hard way.

Are the writers not trying anymore? That scene where Keamy’s making eggs was just awful. It was like, how can we make this guy seem evil while employing an outwardly innocent task. I know, he’ll be eating! We’ve never seen a villain make threats while eating before! (see: The Sopranos, Four Brothers, The Godfather, Rounders, Scarface, The Matrix, Boondock Saints, Inglourious Basterds, Sleepers…)

“I make good eggs.” Another weighted line, because in case we haven’t noticed by the way he calmly eats eggs surrounded by his henchmen, delivering lines with such serene audacity that we know he’s in control, this dude’s a bad egg.

Back to the jungle. If someone tells me I can have anything in the world I want, I assume that means ANYTHING. This isn’t Aladdin where Robin Williams is telling me the limitations of my wishes. I would think that bringing someone back from the dead, especially after spending years on this island, is a distinct possibility. I wouldn’t go on to explain that the thing I want “died in my arms.” By the by – are we sure he’s talking about Nadia and not SHAN-NON!

shannon sayid Holy Lost! – Seeking Answers from Season 6, Episode 6: “Sundown”

I, like the rest of you, believe the thing Sayid wants is Nadia. Personally I’d pull a Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings, Mormon upbringing thing and ask for both of them. In Sayid’s side-flash, it looks like he’s going to get his wish and be with Nadia. She wants it, at least. Which makes me wonder, is this alternate reality the one that Ballsmell has created based on the wishes of everyone on the island? Hurley is a lucky S.O.B., Claire gets Aaron, Sayid seems to be on the road that leads between Nadia’s legs…Check Out The Rest Here: http://www.thecampussocialite.com/?p=10887

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