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OK this is something I've been thinking about lately, and I'm not sure if anybody else has mentionned it because I don't read all the theories out there.

Ok here it goes....I rememeber they said that the name Shepard was very important to the show and we would find out why later on. Well we saw a glimpse of this when the name was shown in the ligthhouse and seemed to be capitalized.

So here's my little theory.....Aaron is actually Jacob, and David is actually Smoky....both part of the Shepard bloodline.

Claire and Jack are siblings, and why else would they introduce David now for no reason? He also has black hair much like the guy did in the flashback to Smoky and Jacob in Season 5. Wouldnt it make sense if Jacob and Smoky were related...Claires son and Jacks son?

This would also explain why Christian is so prominent in the series. He is Jacob and Smoky's grandfather.

This also makes even more sense considering that Jacob seems to have so much interest in keeping Jack on his side, and why MIB lured Claire to his side. MIB has Jacob's mother on his side of the game, and Jacob seems to have MIBs father on his side.

so it would make sense that their children are special...and if they travel back in time....boom! The new timeline seems to occur after a certain event in the past and in this new timeline the island did exist because it was shown underwater. So what if David and Aaron in this new timeline happen to travel back in time to say 23 AD....and the island somehow changes them. And all the events on the show happened because they have been messing around with the original timeline. Maybe MIB tried to make sure that Jacob was never born by making it so that children would not be able to be born on the island after a certain date, and Jacob is trying to make sure MIB was never born. This would explain why Claire appeared to Kate and told her not to bring Aaron back to the island. It could have been a way for Jacob to save himself from Smoky's wrath.

Haha who knows, I'm just spit-balling, but I thought it made sense in my head.

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