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I am a little confused by the whole candidate thing. If Jacob has brought all of these different candidates to the island before the Losties arrived and Alpert was his go between, then how could Richard be so clueless as to what needs to be done to carry out Jacobs plan? Also, why were the Others so hostile towards the survivors when they arrived on the island if Jacob brought them there and its Richard's job to observe and influence them?

No matter how hard I try to make things add up I simply cannot. Maybe you guys can help me make sense of this. If the candidates on 815 were to be protected by Alperts guys then why did they shoot Sawyer in season one? Why do they have so many weapons anyways? If the people Jacob brings to the island fail to show they are incorruptable he allows the MIB to go ahead and dispose of them. Therefore, the only people who should be on the island are people Jacob brings to the island himself. So why so much weaponry? Guns obviously wont hurt MIB, and the whole reason for the island is to keep him contained.

The others fought with the U.S Military, the Dharma initiaive, the 815 passengers, and not to mention they ordered Ben to kill Russo and baby Alex. Russoe didnt seem to be a threat to anyone from what they have shown us from her backstory. Dogen wanted to kill the losties at first sight until Hurley gave them the guitar case with the list. If Jacob is the good guy why are his men/women such cold blooded killers?

Did the others kill all of the candidates who came before unknowingly or did Jacob just decide they werent worthy and stopped caring what happened to them after that? Think about it, people are brought to the island to be observed. If they are not what Jacob thought they would be they end up dead or trapped on the island forced to join the others. Jacob keeps saying everyone has a choice. He doesnt give anyone a choice as to if they want to come to the island or not. Doesnt sound like a very good person if you ask me.

When Alpert crashed on the island he was freed by the MIB. If that had not happend Alpert would have rotted on the ship because obviously Jacob wasnt going to go check for survivors. He brought the ship to the island and sat at his statue while Smokey killed all but one person. I think there is still a possiblity MIB is the good guy. After Smokey disposed of the Black Rock survivors he was getting ready to off Richard until Richard started to pray. If MIB is evil why would he show mercy to someone who was praying. A man of God would be the last person a devil monster would spare. Secondly, Richard swore to do whatever MIB asked him to do. After he met Jacob he changed his mind and joined him instead. Once MIB found this out he could have easily attacked Alpert but instead gave him his wife's necklace and told him he would be there for him whenever he changed his mind. Doesnt seem like to bad of a guy to me.

I hate the show has even went this route. It was much cooler when you were trying to figure out how this mysterious island could cause the end of humanity if not protected. The electromagnetisim, the whispers, all of the strange things that pulled us in have taken a backseat to a story about two fueding men.(i think that they are brothers btw)

I will shut up after one last thought. Is it possible that Adam and Eve turn out to be people who held the posistions that Jacob and Mib have? I think at one time Jacob and MIB were just regular guys. They were chosen to take over for someone else. Just like Jacob has been trying to find his replacement for years. If you read all of this mess I would like to thank you. I dont really know how to put all of these confused feelings into words and my posts sometimes become long, overthought rants. I would love any kind of insight you guys are willing to share. Have a wonderful day!

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