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The jury is still out, at least for me, of whom is the devil (Jacob or MIB)? But nonetheless a strong philosophical question one must ask themselves is "can good exist without evil?" This falls along the same lines as "can white exist without black?" or "can a god exist without a devil?" That being said ask yourself can a Jacob replacement exist without a MIB replacement? seems to me that both beings/life forces are crucial to the existence of the island. That might seem to explain why Jacob doesn't want MIB to leave the island. I know the whole MIB is evil theory is close to being fact, but I still believe there is more than meets the eye. I guess we will find out in the closing episodes the truth.

But back to my theory, If a Jacob replacement exists, then surely a MIB replacement (upon MIB's death) must exist also. Could it be that Jacob's list includes not only his replacement but MIB's replacement as well? I believe so. I believe the only fitting ending to Lost would be to have both replacements on the beach looking out at the sea with the MIB candidate telling the Jacob replacement "you have no idea how much I want to kill you. One day I'm going to find a loophole my friend." And the Jacob replacement telling "when you do, I will be right here."

If there is any credence to those rumors of long ago that Jack and Walt will share the last scene on Lost then based on that I would say an interesting possibility would be that Jack will be the MIB replacement and Walt Jacob's replacement.

What does everyone think?

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