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MIB is a Djinni by BdC

I believe MIB is a Djinni from middle eastern folklore. I believe he used to be a Man ("I used to be a Man" he said) and Jacob is or used to be a Djinni. For some reason Jacob was forced to grant a wish or a gift to MIB (when MIB was a Man). The wish ended up making MIB a Djinni and possible making Jacob a Man (MIB mentions being tricked out of his humanity by Jacob). Somehow in the process he traps MIB on the island, a sort of parallel universe with a very narrow interface (a single direction of exit, with a time-shift) to the real world; the bottle holding the Djinni (Jacob even shows this). MIB breaks the bottle because he's planning to escape.

Djinnis are being of energy, wiki has alot of information on them and there are many parallels with MIB. They are supernatural creature and occupies a parallel world to that of mankind. Their legends predate Islamic religion and are the inspirations for the tails of "The Book of One Thousand and One Nights". They are one of the three creations of God in Islamic religion: The Angels, The Djinnis (Their name was changed to Jinn with Islam) and Man. In this version, Angels have no free will and will obey God, Djinnis are made of energy (Smokeless fire) and Man of earth (or clay). Djinnis and Man have free Will and will face final Judgment by God. Both can be evil or good and can have faiths. Iblis is the most famous of all Djinnis and used to be a favorite of God. He turned when God required him (as well as all Angels and Djinnis) to prostrate in front of Adam. He could not and became essentially the Devil and the guardian of Hell. There are many kinds and levels of! Djinnis. The minor bad ones are only capable of whispering bad thoughts in our ears (if you read deep enough on Wiki about this you will find out what they whisper to us and have a good laugh). The greater ones can turn to smoke or assume human form. Some are said to lurk underground or in ruins, to be manipulative and vain, attacks at night in the form of a black dog or snake, said to influence men to do bad deeds and they can posses Men. Exploring Wiki will reveal more than what I can write here.

About the alternate time-line, I'm still undecided on some issues but the short version is: Juliette's last message that "it worked" leads me to believe the alternate time-line will eventually lead to what we refer to as the current time-line. I mean if MIB is actually free in the alternate, this will have to lead to some serious effort to undo the effect of the bomb and lead to the current time-line with Juliette thinking "it worked". My only loop hole is why the Hell is the alternate not turning into Hell by now?

The newer element I have yet to factor in is why Jacob is such a shitty person. I mean he's fair, and good in some ways, but he's arrogant, harsh to juge, likes tormenting MIB by showing him he can't win and thinks its ok to bring people to the island to let MIB play with, seemingly always leading to their death while he just stands by. I figure his intentions are good and for some reason mankind must find the solution against MIB without his direct help only his influence. The lair where MIB brought Sawyer was MIBs own lair where he transcribed Jacob's candidates and marked off those he had eliminated by killing them or turning them to his side as he did with Sayid and others like the crew of Rousseau.

Well that's the short version of my theories of all lost lol. Hope its starts many newer and better ideas.


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