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What Happened Happened When? by The Goatman

I've been thinking about the death of DI on the Island. It appears to me that we have been lead to believe a cover story. I think the Smoke Monster killed the DI and deposited their bodies in the ravine. We have already seen Smokie's handiwork. It always kills and does not bother with burying. This was so in the Temple and on Hydra Island. The death of DI shows the same method, opportunity and motive. Why have we been mislead on this event? Ben wanted to hide the true nature of what caused their demise. It's clear to me now that MIB appeared to Ben as Richard and told him to lay low for the right time. The vagabond appearance of Richard truly suggests the appearance of Richard on the Black Rock and not after his employment by Jacob. Don't forget that Richard has been scanned by Smokie and could easily at that time have been portraying Richard to Ben to con him.

I think it's quite possible that Ben turned off the sonic disruptor to allow Smokie to do it's dirty work at MIB's bidding.
It appears to me that Widmore is actually a descendant of Hanso Magnus. Maybe even a descendant of Jacob off the Island. He and Mrs. Hawking are like the king and queen of the Island. I think that they were Jacob's monarchy of the Others. Their offspring were to be the heirs apparent on the Island. Any other child might be the handiwork of MIB. This was disrupted by the birth of Ethan. Ethan was infected by the MIB.
When Ben was activated as a mole within the Others, the rein of the MIB's influence on the Others began. The Widmores were deposed, and Ben captured authority over the Others. But as always, Ben could not kill Jacob's potential candidate. Richard took orders from Ben believing him the direct conduit of Jacob's word. Ben was actually following MIB's orders. Ben was following MIB's orders when he put Michael on the freighter that was MIB's establishment of a mole within Widmore's group. I think some of the crew were infected and served MIB. When someone thinks that Ilana's crew were acting for Jacob and then Widmore's crew must have been evil. I think that Jacob knew that MIB had planted a mole on the freighter. This did not mean that Widmore's group was evil. This meant that Jacob's group were the counter move.

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