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Jacob and the MIB are Horus and Set by John

If this has already been posted, I apologize, I have not seen it. This is also my first post, so I will try not to ramble too much. :)

I think there is a very good chance that Jacob and the MIB represent Set and Horus from Egyptian mythology. It might be another god similar to Horus, But I am pretty sure one of them is supposed to be Set.

We already know that the foot of the statue was supposed to represent Taweret from the producers. This gives us a little insight to the nature of the island because Taweret was a patron of childbirth. But she was also considered a demon as well as a good deity. Taweret also was supposed to guard paths which led to the underworld, which is relevant considering some of the talking "dead" in the show.

"magic knives" or "wands" were also associated with the goddess to ward off evil during labor. Interesting, considering how the use of a special dagger to kill Jacob or the MIB keeps popping up.

With all of the other Egyptian symbols we see, such as at the hatch or foot, it is not difficult to think that Jacob or the MIB is Set and Horus.

Set was a god associated with thunderstorms. (Lightening in the smoke monster?) He was also associated with the desert and infertility. Might that be one of the reasons that women die giving birth on the island? He was also supposed to represent chaos.

He was also a boar that swallowed the moon each month. (Another possible link to the boars we see on the island?) According to the myths he was also supposed to be restrained in chains, or fettered in some form, and guarded by Taweret. Sounds remarkably like the MIB who wants to go home but is "restrained" by the island.

There were also battles between Set and Horus for control, and it was supposed to last to the end of time or until the waters of Chaos (called Nun) washed over the world. Knowing what we do of the time travel and the water at the temple that is now dirty and in turmoil, this definitely looks like a connection. Could it be that if the MIB gets loose, chaos will be let loose? (You bet!)

Set wasn't seen as merely evil, but he was dangerous and he was unpredictable, much like we see the MIB. We are not sure if the MIB is good or evil, but we do know that you have to be wary of him.

Horus was supposed to be the opposite of Set. Much like Ying and Yang, Horus represented day and order, while Set represented night and chaos. Horus too was supposed to have a streak of being unpredictable.

What is curious is that the name Jacob means "supplanter". We are not sure where he got his name, but maybe the name was given to him by the MIB. This would make sense since according to the myths, Horus eventually got the upper hand in his eternal struggle with Set (who was fettered), and supplanted Set as the "ruler", or the "superior".

There is also an interesting read here:
This is about the "Eye of Horus", and also mentions sacrifices. (remember Locke talking about the sacrifice the island demanded?)
I find it interesting that it was divided into six pieces representing the senses, as 6 is one of the recurring numbers in the show. It was also a protective amulet, and for some reason it reminds me of the Hatch, and the other ones located on the island that all serve different functions.

So I have a pretty good hunch that the final confrontation will be between the followers of Horus, and the followers of Set.

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