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During the time shifts, the Losties were brought to a time period pre-statue destruction. However, I believe this was actually the same day that the Black Rock arrived at the shoreline. When Locke moved the Island with the intent to stop the flashes, this had a side effect of moving the Island to a location where a huge storm was brewing, or possibly the act of moving the Island itself caused the storm. Regardless, since the Black Rock was within the radius of the Island (like the Zodiac), it got pulled into the storm as well, and we all know what happened after that.

* Side note on the Island move actually causing a storm: Yes, the Island didn't suddenly create a storm when it was moved by Ben, but the frozen donkey wheel seemed frozen and inactive when Ben moved it. When John moved it, it looked like it needed to release a lot of energy, this could possibly cause the storm. Long shot, I personally think the Island just moved into a storm.

Now, Jacob gave the impression he brought the Black Rock to the Island. One way to do this is obviously manipulating factors off Island, but another way would to appear to John Locke as Christian Shepard and having him move it. One thing that strikes me is that Christian in the cave says it 'just needs a little push', which is what Jacob said as well when handing the candy bar to Jack. Also, since Jacob can obviously die, he'd need a place to hide on the Island during a tidal wave. The frozen donkey wheel chamber could supply protection.

That's it. Love to hear some feedback.

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