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before we found out that Man In Black is Locke.
Whether you figured it out in season 5; or it took you till Recon to figure it out...we all had our theories of what that smoke monster was before hand.

And majority of us were under the impression it was called Cerberus.
(hey man if your reading this article, chances are it's not your first LOST article, so i'm sure you've heard this before).

There were "cerberus vents" around the island (blast door map notes). To the others it was a protector; to Danielle it was a security system. And we've even seen a hieroglyphic of what looks like a dog headed smoked monster (cerberus was the 3 headed dog protector of the underworld) being called forth by Annubis.

Which brings me to the egyptian myth...the ankhs, the hieroglyphics everywhere, the temple, oh lets not forget that giant statue of an Egyptian God...

are we not talking about this anymore? has everyone just forgot that the smoke monster can reflect a person's past by reading their soul? or the fact that it was able to be summoned by Ben....but of course now ben is acting all surprised like he's never seen it before...but it lived in a puddle under his house


but seriously...the whole cerberus/egyptian theme should really be explained...because it's conflicting with this direction(?) of the show.

What do you think? Egyptian Myth? or just a red herring. Richard Alpert...R.A...sun god?....well that would explain the guy-liner....

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