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I hope, this has not been published yet, but if so, I apologize for writing it again. Also, I kindly ask you to forgive my bad/strange English.

Recently, I took another look at what we saw of Daniels diary. I realized, that at least twice it contains diagrams that very closely reminded me of an hourglass. Below one of these hourglasses, it was written: “Using Eddington-Finkelstein Coordinates (V,R) removes the singularity at R=2m. As R gets smaller – light cones tip over”. On another page in the book is written “The universe is expanding”.

The “Eddington-Finkelstein-Formula” tries to determine the Schwarzschild-radius, which is the point, where two wormholes meet, also known as the “Einstein-Rosen-Bridge”. One theory is, that this could be a connection in time and space, maybe also between 2 universes. In one universe, there is a black hole, draining matter (maybe also time) from the universe and sending it to a white hole in the other universe. The scientist Kip Thorne has presumed, that in order to keep the connection stabile, you would need the so called “exotic (negative) matter” in the bridge. It keeps the wormhole open, which would otherwise collapse to a singularity (a single point, which is too narrow for matter to pass through). The exotic matter also provides an antigrav effect to its near surroundings.

Now: we have heard about the existence of exotic matter on the island in the “Orchid” orientation film. It seems to be located in a big cavern under/within the island. What if, when the DI dug into that cavern when building the “Swan” and matter started to drain from one universe into another, which would mean, if not brought under control that one universe would collapse, while the other expands. But DI was able to built a valve, in order to “vent” the universe from which matter was drained from time to time, so the loss in the universe is less than the natural expansion of the universe itself. If you don’t vent the universe, the pressure would become to big again (due to the fact, that the universes still expands naturally) and the valve would be destroyed resulting in an uncontrollable loss of matter (and maybe time) in the first universe.

When Desmond turned the failsafe key, he let all the exotic matter escape, making the wormhole collapse (or at least narrowing it to a singularity) and sealing the two universes.

These two universes are – of course – WHH and FSW.

When jughead detonated, the damage was too big to place a valve. It was like opening a bottle of champaigne: the cork was removed and everything on the inside drained out (and no effect like the bomb neutralizing the exotic matter, as presumed in several theories).

Now there’s two possibilities:

Both universes exist NEXT to each other. Remember the hourglass (and look at the picture of the two universes under http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:LorentzianWormhole.jpg – it looks like an hourglass!). Imagine an hourglass with a valve in the middle. If you open the valve, all the sand runs from the upper into the lower half until the upper half is completely empty. A universe that is completely empty would of course mean “the end of the world”. But what happens to the matter, that has been drained into to other universe?

One (small) universe exists WITHIN another (large) universe (remember Richard’s ship in the bottle?). The pressure in the small universe is much higher, so if the valve is opened, the matter from the small universe would completely displace the matter from the larger one after some time. This would also mean the “end of the world”, at least for the large universe.

Personally, I prefer the first option.

But in both cases, it wouldn’t happen immediately. The draining would take some time, maybe even a long period. This would explain, why the DI in the FSW still had enough time to evacuate the island. But without the antigrav effect of the exotic matter, the island would sink (for it was never attached to the ground of the ocean below – come on, how should the island have traveled in time and space during S5 of attached to the ground?).


When Desmond turned the key, he was not only exposed to the exotic matter, but for a short moment also to a stream of matter and maybe also time between the two universes. This might have caused his ability to “travel” in time and space during his “flashes”, maybe also to travel between the 2 universes?

The time flashes occurred, after another valve (the donkey wheel) had been opened. Before every flash, we saw the white light. Could this have been the “light cones” from Daniels book? Did the donkey wheel open another corridor, making time leak from one universe and causing the time flashes?

From Rousseau we have heard, that the smoke monster is some kind of a security system. There is evidence, that there are two monsters on the island; the black one we know as Smokey and the white light John Locke saw. Now, could it be, that these are sentinels from both sides of the wormhole? One from the black hole and one from the white hole? Of course, as the wormhole only allows travel in one direction, they should be located at the entrance (the WHH universe), not a the exit (the FSW universe). They cannot go too far away from the wormhole, they’re bound to it, maybe even bound to the entrance.
One sentinel (Smokey) is MiB, so one can presume, that Jacob is the other sentinel (the white light). Jacob wants to go home into his universe, but therefore, he needs someone to replace him. We haven’t seen him in the FWS so far, because he cannot go there yet. MiB wants to go to the other universe too, but he can’t, as long as “his” universe exists.
So MiB’s loophole is, to pull the plug and to be drained to the other side (a “hole” indeed).

One more interesting fact:
During a recent discussion, several connections of “LOST” to the CERN research center in Geneve, Switzerland were found. For example, poster Dr.Edson Minatti found, that CERN is located in an exact antipodic position to the position of the island when the plane crashed. And it was found, that during the week between the original airdate of the first two episodes of S1, CERN celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.
At CERN, we find the “Large Hadron Collider”, a new device, in which particles collide at light speed, which could “produce” very small black holes. Coincidence?

O.K., I know that there are still some (worm)holes in my theory, please discuss.

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