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Everyone Must Die by chucklmiller

I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s theories here. I have SO MANY of my own to share, but I will start with…

The Sideways Timeline

Jughead did explode and 815 never crashed on the island. Therefore, we are seeing a “parallel” timeline where, interestingly, the actions of the characters mirror their actions on the island. They remained on the island because they had been touched by Jacob and couldn’t die, but they were flashed forward to where we see them today. Juliette died in the explosion because she was never touched, but she did give us a HUGE clue before she died (more on that in a second).

So we are seeing two parallel timelines now as a result of the explosion: Losties’ lives on and off the island. Since they are alive and conscious in both locations, they can’t comprehend or experience the other timeline. They have had glimpses of it, though (Claire and Kate in the hospital, Ben’s reactions to being called a “killer”, etc.) So far, each off-island character has been taken aback by their reflection in a mirror at one point or another. That’s because they are kinda sorta aware of their other “self”….which is still on the island.

Juliette is the key here. As she was dying in Sawyer’s arms, she COULD experience the other timeline. She caught a glimpse of her off-island consciousness and that’s why she told him “it worked”. Mark my words, we will see Juliette alive and well in the parallel timeline AND she will have memories of the island!

One by one, our candidates will die on the island and simultaneously their off-island counterpart will become “aware” of what has happened. This will make for some interesting off-island dynamics between the characters in the final episodes. One on-island candidate will live and be the “chosen one”, but that will mean he/she will have to DIE in the parallel off-island timeline.

Great ending, if you think about it. We will see all of our favorite losties killed in action on the island while still having the satisfaction of knowing they are alive and well off-island. Also, they will be living the lives we now see in the parallel timeline, but they will have the memories of everything they experienced on the island. Will they get together and decide to go back?? The producers have found a way to make everyone happy! ;-)

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