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So I watched LA-X again today to see if there was anything that I had missed the first time, and I noticed something about Charlie's lines. When Jack resuscitates Charlie in the bathroom the first thing Charlie says is "Am I alive?". Later, when Charlie is being escorted off the plane, Charlie looks at Jack and says "I was supposed to die". Now, the first time I watched this I just dismissed it as Drug-Addict-Charlie getting moody with Jack. But now that we've seen a few more episodes, Charlie's statement seems to carry more weight.

We've seen in each episode, characters in the sideways timeline sortof looking like they recognize something that they shouldn't or seeming like they notice something that isn't quite right. (Jack's appendectomy scar, etc.) So here's what it's looking like to me: each of the losties' consciousness has moved from the island to this time in the sideways timeline, similar to how Desmond's consciousness started moving back in time after the swan station explosion. However, for some reason, because they aren't on the same timeline, the losties's memories aren't quite syncing up. I think that there is either a mixture of the two memories, or that their original memories are being strongly surpressed by these new memories.

Now, I wasn't really sure if this was actually what was going on until I rewatched LA-X. First of all, I noticed that when Juliet was dying, she started talking what seemed like unrelated nonsense. (Something about going for coffee and going dutch) What if this is Juliet's consciousness from the sideways timeline peaking through? She then tells Sawyer that the bomb didn't work, but we latter find out that the last thing she was thinking was that it actually did work. This just confused me the first time I watched it because it seemed like two conflicting thoughts. But now it looks like Juliet's two consciousnesses were mixing together.

Now back to Charlie. It makes sense to me that if Juliet's consciousness moved on to the sideways timeline when she died, so would Charlie's. The last thing Charlie experiences on the island is being drowned underwater. So he suffocates to death, and then the next thing he knows he is revived by Jack, but obviously he does not recognize him. But the memory of dying is still too strong to be supressed so he asks "Am I alive?", which, to me, now feels more like he's wondering "How am I alive?". So now, Charlie's memories are being covered up by the alternate ones, but, since he has just died, he is getting the strongest feeling of anyone that something isn't quite right. So, when he passed Jack again on the plane he vocalizes that feeling, although not explaining it in detail.

So, it's pretty obvious that there's something (or a few things) amiss in the alternate timeline. And I think that the way in which Charlie reacted to being saved from death reveals a little bit more about how it is that the losties are noticing these things.

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