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This theory is basically how the MIB became trapped in Jacob's Cabin. I just read some ideas on it and about peoples confusion regarding the matter. If we look at this in a timeline fashion and fill in the gaps with our best hypothesis I believe we can come to a reasonable conclusion on what happened. I will present a timeline of the dates that the MIB/Smoke monster/Christian Shepard appeared from Season 3 until 4. I do believe that Christian is the smoke monster so that factors largely into the theory.

Days are based on the events post the crash of 815.

Day 81 Kate and Juliet encounter the smoke monster.
Day 89 Ben and Locke go to the cabin surrounded by ash. Locke is asked to "Help" him.
Day 91 Hurley sees the cabin w/ Christian in it. Cabin moves, Shepard does not come out.
Day 97 Ben calls the monster to the Barracks.
Day 98 Claire sees Christian holding Aaron outside the cabin.
Day 99 Locke talks to Christian in Jacobs cabin, He tell John to move the Island.

Between days 81 and 89 the monster becomes trapped in the cabin and by day 97 he is freed again. (ie from day 1 to day 81 he is free and from day 97 to the moving of the island he is free) My best theory is that this is done by some of the people who are at the temple. Richard mentions at the end of the fourth season as well as Ben mid fourth season that there are two groups of others and this is confirmed by the beginning of season 6. Dogen with some of the temple others (and possibly Jacob) probably trapped the MIB in the cabin. We have no idea what they have been up to aside from being mentioned a few times. We've also seen the smoke monster around the wall of the temple twice now, prior to the temple siege, so they may have come upon the perfect opportunity to get hold of him. Unfortunately I have no idea how this works, but it could have something to do with Dogen and his power to keep the MIB out of the temple.

How did he get out? Probably by doing what we've seen him do during season 6. Promising what he can't give. He promises Sawyer freedom, Sayide is promised Nadia, Ben is promised the Island. He most likely promised one of the others something he could not give. And that person then sets him free. and so as a side note, I don't think that it was Hurley or Claire that freed the MIB from the cabin. Also on Day 91 Locke sees Walt, I do not believe this is the MIB. I believe the MIB can only take the form of people who have died or animals, such as the spiders and Kate's Horse. Not because this is convenient but because the spiders, and the horse have been confirmed as the smoke monster by the producers and because what the MIB did to Locke's "form/image" gives a foundation to him taking the form/image of Shepard, Alex, and Yemi. and Ilana's comment about him being able to shape shift any longer means that he must have been able to do it frequently in the past.

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