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First of all, the usual introduction: this is my first theory, I hope it hasn't been posted before (I don't think so, but...) and I apologize in advance for my bad English.

This theory came to my mind when reading the theory "Name of MiB is Jacob" (http://theoriesonlost.blogspot.com/2010/03/name-of-mib-is-jacob-by-thefifthtoe.html). I posted a comment, and when thinking it over, a whole theory was unfolding.

We have always thought through the years, that Lost is about conflicts: Good vs evil, science vs faith and so on.
2 or 3 weeks ago, I came across a theory in which it was remarked, how often we came across Yin/Yang symbols in the series (e.g. in 6.03, when Kate opens Claire's bad, the plush whale looks (from the very special camera angle) like the Yin/Yang symbol). Well, in Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang do NOT represent good and evil. The only thing that is important, is the balance between them. If they are perfectly balanced, everything is good, if they are out of balance, this is bad. But neither one can exist without the other. They also represent male and female aspects - am I the only one to think of Adam and Eve here?

And the trigrams, that form the 8 sides of the DI logo, can be found in the I Ging, which has close connections to Yin/Yang.

Let me also remind you, that we have had some very strong scale motives (metaphorically but also real scales) in the series:
- the scale in the cave
- Dogan's talk about the inner scale
- in FSW the island is sunk, in WHH not (imbalance?)
- in S2, Jack and Locke in the hatch, faith "vs" science, but as long as their relationship was balanced, everything went well (but with Locke losing his faith, the catastrophe happened)
(and after all, Jack seems to have found balance, now that the man of science has shown faith - is it that, why he is so important?)

The theory, I mentioned at the beginning, is, that Jacob and MiB are in fact the good and the evil part of the SAME person, like two sides of the coin. One white and one black part - could it be, that this represents the Yin and Yang of Jacob? And the important question is: can MiB exist without Jacob? I doubt that...

I have also read a theory today, explaining the Hindu background of the series (esp. the Dharma), in which the trinity of the 3 highest gods in Hinduism Vishnu/Brahma/Shiva was mentioned. To make it short: Brahma ist the creator, Shiva is the destroyer and Vishnu has to balance them out (seems quite near to the Yin/Yang philosophy). "White" Jacob as the creator, "black" Jacob (a.k.a. MiB) as the destroyer? Maybe he lacks the Vishnu part, that's why Jacob needs a substitute: someone, who is balanced / can balance himself (which would lead us to Jack again).

In the flash sideways, things seem to be the exact opposite for most people than in the island plot, almost like in a mirror. Are the two "realities" just the Yin and Yang of the universe? (a little bit like the mirror universe in the several Star Trek series)

This leads to some new Questions:
- what happens, if somebody changes his attitude/behaviour/whatever in one reality? There would be imbalance on the scale, so will there also be a change (into the opposite direction) in the mirror reality?
- or, if this change can't happen (for whatever reason), what does this mean to the character? Is e.g. Sayid infected, because he can't compensate any more (for he is a killer in both realities)? Remember, what Dogan said about Sayid's scale...
- for those of you, who read spoilers: go to the spoiler section under http://spoilerslost.blogspot.com/2010/03/lost-producers-say-flash-sideways-are.html#axzz0i0l5cHGv and read the last section of the interview (esp. the question, of which Damon says, it is interesting). Now think about the need for balance again...
(I hope, it is O.K. to write it like this... if not, please remove the last sentence.)

O.K., lots of thoughts, I hope, they're not too confuse.
Please discuss.

P.S.: One more interesting detail about Yin/Yang:
They also represent Winter and Summer. The Equinox (the day when night and day have the same length (are in balance!)) is in Chinese philosophy also called "the marriage of Yin and Yang". It normally falls on Mar 21st and Sep 23nd, except, if it is a leap year: due to the extra day in February, the Equinox is already on Mar 20th and Sep 22nd. The plane crashed on Sep 22nd 2004. 2004 was a leap year, so the plane crash happened on Equinox day.

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