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Water by WhiteRabbith

I do not want to spend too much time explaining the particulars of this theory. The three things you should get from this theory are easy and straight forward.

1.) The island in the alt world is underwater
2.) We have seen Ben summon "Smokey" by uncorking some "sink type" of mechanism
3.) Hydra island/ building can be easily "sunk" or "flooded"

The reason I do no want to go into much details is because I have noticed that much of the great theories arise from speculation via comments and such. Another reason is that I have not seen season three in awhile and would like a more recent feedback on it. Saying that I would like to put forward the following theory:

First I would like to make a comment on my previous theory:

It turns out Sun did not leave Jin at the airport but it does not seem they are happy with their situation. Them being together might be an important part to the story but so far I do not have a theory as of how.

Along with my current theory:

I want to make this short and simple. It was obvious from last nights episode that Flocke wanted to get to Hydra Island. As stated above this is where we first witnessed any kind of significant sinking or flooding of any sort. My first thought was that there is some type of machine that initiates the sinking of not only that island but the main island.

My main questions arise is to if or how Ben's "sink " hole is related to this. Are there other such places as this or is this a special hole?

If water is the key, I would feel that "Hydra" island would be the best place to resolve this . I just hope they don't leave the main island behind. I feel like next week's episode will be epic and hopefully explain alot.

If this is at all incoherent I apologize, but it is St. Patrick's day.

Please leave comments and I am sorry if this makes no sense.


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