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IF Ben and his father were on the island at some point working for Dharma in the Alt Reality World …then wouldn’t Pierre Chang Miles father who was referenced in Recon remember the Island as well?

That’s the question that I asked myself as I read a theory about Charlotte going through Sawyers stuff (and we know how Sawyer feels about people going through his stuff) As the scene unfolded Sawyer and Charlotte. “who would’ve thought”. I thought to myself but then when she asked for a t-shirt I knew the Jig was up . Charlotte not only passed through so many of his t-shirts, but pounced on the folders that was in sawyer’s draw as if she found a rare gem that she’s be searching for , but if you look at her face she immediately looks disappointed .

Why would Charlotte be disappointed? I could not figure it . In fact I was just so happy to see her I forgot about the details we were given in Dr.Linus which is that the Island did exist as well as the Dharma In. being on the Island. And most likely since Ben was on the island the people that we met in 1977 were also on the island at one time but somehow all left the island at one point to live Of-Island.

So, my point …

Well , to make my point we have to remember the Moment When Miles disclosed the information to his father that he was indeed his son from the future.
Well this moment could have changed things Miles father actions of instead of leaving his wife and son ,Pierre Chang raised his son because he knew that he was ‘Special because of his time travel abilities’.

After the losties time traveled for the last time and left the 1977 dharma days I believe this is when the time shift change creating two different realities . I believe this because I believe that blowing up jughead did something and I also believe with the losties interacting and living in dharma over a 3 year period changed a lot. Remember Daniel Faraday word s “I focused on the constants, and forgot about the variables. You’re the variables you can change things and that they did, I believe.

Also another thing that struck me odd was the scene of the submarine sinking I seemed so fake like it was going into a “fake” or different world much like the scene of the opening of LA X pt1 when they introduced us to the Alt timeline 815 with the same bad graphics we saw during the submarine scene maybe that tPtb (the powers at be )introducing us to Alt world idk just a fan ok back to the good stuff.
I promise..I am getting to the point..

So if 1977 becomes an alt .sideways timeline of island. This is the Flash sideways timeline we have been viewing for quite a while. This is the world(or you can say the past { because every present must have a past})of 815 landing safely
And.. Pierre realized that his son had time traveled probably to another time and when leaving the island he probably realized variation in the atl sideways timeline and realized that there were two Miles, the miles that time traveled to 77’ and Baby miles.

So, Chang leaves the island and make sure he raises his son and passed on his knowledge of the island and it’s capabilities on to his son miles as he gets older. Chang also knows if there are two of Miles ,one in one universe and one in another universe than, he probably believes that there are somehow two of the others specifically Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Jin, Sayid and Hugo.
So, Chang waits until the losties ( k,j,s,j,s, and h) mature and become of the age are near the age that he first remembers them as.

He enlist Miles to follow Sawyer become a guardian or to see if sawyer remember anything about the island.
I believe this because Sawyer barely did any coning off island except for like the first 4 minutes and since the episode is called recon I believe that Miles was doing a long con on Sawyer. The evidence: doing a credit check on him to check to see if he was telling the truth. And keeps on reminding him that he could tell him anything, and also setting him up on a blind date with Charlotte a person who he said he did not know well but worked at museum with his father and lived on THE island with him when he was a baby and was evacuated on the sub with miles chances are the families kept in contact with each other.

Remember Charlotte remembers being on the island as a little girl and even remembers Faraday, So she probably remembers Lafleur as well (because of his head of security position). That is why she was going through his stuff .He is her anthropology project instead of searching for the polar bear in Tunisia she searching for the time travelers from her past who caused mayhem.

What does all of this mean?

Well Mib is probably more than likely telling the truth about the island not needing protecting/saving. However, as always Mib is not telling the whole truth.
I believe that the Earth itself as well as mankind who lives in the earth needs saving and in order to save the earth the island needs to be there it’s the earth’s constant it holds it powerful energies under it and for centuries many have guarded these energies.(im sure more mythology is behind that).
So now in the sideways universe somehow the island is sunk. And P.Chang knows the implications and the magnitude of the seriousness of the earth losing its constant(These implications were probably told to him by Jacob who probably guide him to the island.) So he searches for the Variables that can ultimately fix the problem in equation of getting back the earth’s constant the island 4-locke 8-Hurley 15-Sawyer 16-Sayid 23-Jack and 42-Jin those who time traveled.

“Their Coming”-Jacob

Chang knows about the variables and searches for them and one day we will probably see them all together in the Alt time line and at one point we may see them boarding a plane to travel over the island a get to it through a “window” much like the one Eloise hawking was speaking of to have a part in the war .
However different selves will be fighting for different sides and proxies will indeed be in the mix.

For example Locke probably will not take the flight that will take him to the window of the island and 51-Kate may take his place because Locke is sort of at peace with himself now. But the other variables are not . Jack-bad marriage not the best relationship w/son and missing dead dad, Kate- fugitive , Sawyer –still wants to kill not over parents, Sayid –still can’t stop trying to kill , and Jin still doing dirty work for Suns father and doesn’t appear to be married to Sun.

So if these versions come to the island they will probably fight their main timeline selves I’m sure eventually main time line Jack will want to be the protector of the island and want to stay but alt time line jack will want to go back to his son but somehow everything will have to coarse correct itself and two have to ‘Converge’ into one for their can be one stream of time. And there will be a fight between two sides one with light selfless (keeping the earth safe by protecting the island in jacks case ) and one dark with selfish intentions(having a son and having peace –never meeting kate all that good stuff).

I could go on which I am about other characters but for those who want me to stop now and conclude I will. Lost from day one is about the characters we were first introduced to the ones we saw seek their redemption and overcome their struggles there was never a Jacob or Mib and we never knew of a Ben or of an Alex. But I do believe there are some holes in this large theory I need to place Desmond and Aaron in it but I am having great difficulty doing it I just don’t believe somehow that Aaron has a bigger role than jack and Locke I think he’s a white rabbit that we will chase an find ourselves farther from the real answers. And Desmond I think he has a lot to do with the time travel aspect and I believe he will be used to close the door and end one of the time lines. There’s the ending hope you enjoyed.

Here’s the rest of which side which variable would land on

Kate’s alt –self will most likely want to say on the island knowing that she is a fugitive and normal time line Kate wants to leave and be with Aaron.

Sayid’s Alt –self could go either way but I call that he would want stay since he has no purpose off island and seeks redemption by trying to protect the island while his normal timeline self wants to leave and be with Nadia where as his Alt-self feels as though he does not deserve Nadia .

Jacks Alt-self would want to leave the island and go back to be with his son ,but normal timeline jack realizes that a father and son relationship is going to be a sacrifice that the island demand him to give up.

Hurley Alt-self would probably want to leave the island and normal timeline Hurley may different and side with his Alt self and want to leave as well.
Sawyer obviously wants the heck off the island but his alt self may fight for the normal timeline and not want to go back to the alt reality world because he sees a far he has come emotionally but however , Normal timeline sawyer doesn’t see it the same way as Alt sawyer looks at it . The way normal time line sawyer sees it is that he gets to see Juliette again , so he will fight for the normal timeline side.

And the last Variable Kwon-Jin ,notice in alt reality Sun does not go by Kwon.#42
Jin will ultimately want to stay in the normal timeline as, well as his alt timeline self . Because of his daughter Jacob blessed Sun with the ability to have Ji Yeon because he knew that in the grandness of things that this would be Jins leverage ,His yearning to see his baby. And Sun will help make that happen notice Jin is the #42 the ending to the sequence and also the only variable who does not have conflict with his other self which means he may play a key role in ending the war because he will be at peace with his other self.
The variable I believe are the chosen ones and are the only ones who will me their doubles on the island the others aren’t part of the equation and thus does not have a hand in the war between selves.

Lost is a complex show so this theory is what I think is going on and the logic of what my brain can make out of the show thanks for reading let me know what you think.

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