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The Mirrors by IlDeuce

I don't know if this has been posted before, but something about the past couple episodes has just seemed to permeate too obvious throughout the recent episodes. As we begin to learn more about the characters in their alt lives, it appears to be that their off-island lives directly mirror the decisions they have made in relation to the on-island war.

The concept is simple, those who choose to fight for good (Jacob) end up with the ideal life they always wished for in the end (I consider the alt off-island events the ultimate ending of LOST.) Jack is raising a son, and realized the flaw of his father at the same time he discovered the lighthouse on-island, and at that moment he vowed to be a better father. I know there is a three year time gap between these events, but there seems to be a correlation between Jacob's death on the Island and the changes that have occured in our Losties lives in 2004. I believe this also has a correlation with the 1977 bomb. Sawyer's parents died in 1976, and that would explain why he is still bent on revenge; his Jacob meeting/lack of meeting had no impact on his hatred for Anthony Cooper. I realize that I am making some broad based connections here, but I believe these are all related distinctly due to the actions our characters are taking on island and how/when Jacob met them off island.
Jack chose the side of good on island, and is a better father than Christian off island. Hurley has been the consumate good guy of the island, and off island he is still good old Hurley but with a lot of good luck. Ben reversed the mistake he made in his life; although he was tempted with power of the Island by Flocke, he chose to be good. In the mirror of his life in the alt, Ben also gave up his power for Alex.

Sawyer has chosen to be alone on the island. He is not playing for any side, and does not care about anybody. He claims to be with Flocke, betrayed Widmore in one scene, and simply is in it for himself. This mirrors his alt life; all he wants is his own closure. He does everything he does simply to get closer to killing Anthony Cooper.

I understand these connections are tough to put together, and I believe they will all be made more clear in the future. But I firmly believe we are seeing all these mirrors in every episode as a clue that what is happening on the island is mirroring what is happening in the alt. Also, I am currently drunk, so my apologies for any gaps/inconsistencies.

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