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So recently we've all been wondering who the mysterious Wallace is suddenly showing up on the 108 portion of the lighthouse wheel. Well, I'll jump straight to my conclusion, that Wallace is the last name for either Jacob or the MIB.

Now, we seem to guess that the Lighthosue looking glass is used by Jacob to spy on potential candidates. It also seems clear given the names that not all candidates are from the same time frame, seeing as many are long dead. Jacob states that positioning the mirror will help get this Wallace to the island. Finally, as many of us have inferred, the Lighthouse could potentially be guiding people through time and is responsible for the flashes of light during time travel.

Using this info, we can reach a few conclusions. Perhaps the mirror was what somehow guided Jacob and MIB to the island in the first place and w/out it being turned to Wallace, they never come. However, this leaves the gaping plot hole that Jack destroyed the mirror w/out turning it to 108. If my previous thoughts are correct then Jacob/MIB would never be able to reach the island. Could this be another source for an alternate reality? Maybe Jacob wants to be free just as much as the MIB.

There is another possibility. The donkey wheel. It's the one-way express off the island, exactly what MIB would want to use. However, maybe he couldn't use it before. Thus he would need Locke's body to take a physical stuck in time form to manipulate the wheel. It doesn't explain why he needs recruits but hey, its a start.

However, if the Lighthouse is a guidepost through time, then w/ the mirror destroyed, maybe the time travel won't work properly and MIB can't leave.

Well, that's it. I apologize for this not being so much a singular cohesive theory as a string of ideas that were on the same thread thought.

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