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Season Finale Theory by mattacular

I think what we are seeing now and calling "flash-sideways" events are actually showing the real fate/existence of the characters after everything is settled up on the island. I am pretty sure the end of this season finale will show the destruction of the island (it goes under water somehow as was shown in the beginning of LA X) and the characters all end up back on the plane headed to LA but they are all changed for better or worse.

I'm basing this on two things - 1) jacobs speech about how it "only ends once" as if all the events played out on the island are affecting the balance between good and evil within them and after its over they go back to where they started (the plane) and live an altered existence or have some new fate after.

and 2) the producers were asked to describe the season finale in one word and I think one of them said "water" so that is what makes me think when we were shown the island underwater at the beginning of this season that is also how everything ends. As for all the mysteries in between, who knows, but I am pretty sure I have the fate of the main non-Jacob/MIB characters down.

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