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My theory is that the human that was sitting with Jacob on the beach in the season 5 finale is just another person that has been claimed by the smoke monster. In other words, the man in black (or MIB) is just like John Locke or Christian Shepherd; he is someone that had died that the smoke monster had taken control of or "claimed." This then begs the question, "Well then WHO is the smoke monster?" My contention is that the smoke monster is just that: a SMOKE MONSTER. The smoke monster can appear as a human, but it itself is not human. This is why attempts to kill Fake Locke (aka Lockeness Monster), such as when it was shot in the 4-toed statue and more recently when Sayid stabbed it, have not resulted in the Fake Locke dying. It (the smoke monster) cannot be killed in the traditional way that a human can be killed because it is not human. This is one of the fundamental differences between the smoke monste! r and Jacob. Jacob was human, and could therefore be killed (although his spirit/soul/Ben Kenobi-esque presence lives on.)

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