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Tragic Flaws, The Rules, Life by Charles

Lost is simply a story of how tragic flaw will cause man to essentially fail. The list of candidates being crossed off essentially relates to how their flaws have allowed them to not promote the greater good.

Locke's flaws of anger management and leadership incapability lead him to changing the events Jacob has set in store for the characters. Candidates have the three options of either taking over and becoming the new Jacob, leaving the island, or staying until they die. Locke was chosen by Jacob to lead the group in ways of learning about the island, but the group decided to be "rescued", and leave the island. Which could therefore cross off Jack, Sun, Kate, Hugo, and Sayid. Which could eventually lead Sawyer to be the remaining chosen one.

Once Sawyer joined forces with MIB, his tragic flaw of the ability to join allegiance to crime or simply rightful processes of aquiring goals, which relates directly to how he is essentially a conman, and will do anything in his power to convince someone to achieve his particular goal.

Sawyer is hurt by the death of Juliet, and now feels that there is no good in the world. MIB conned Sawyer into joining his force, therefore Sawyer will eventually con the rest of the group into joining the dark side and the show will eventually lead to the fall of good in society and how our tragic flaws lead us to direction of disaster, if not recognized and harnessed into another character aspect.

Lost, in a nutshell, provides repeated themes throughout literature. Jay Gatsby's tragic flaw of acquisition of wealth and the ability to create new personalities leads to his confusion with himself, obsession over an illusion of Daisy, and death. MacBeth eventually is murdered for his actions of murder to genereate his power of King of Scotland.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's history people. The creators of Lost are genius, and will eventually show us a side of ourselves that we need to work on or fix, this side of ourselves provided in modernism literature, and the reality of life.

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