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Time is a Circle by Jacob

After watching the initial episodes of this season, I went back and started watching from the beginning again. I did this especially because they said 6 would mirror 1. the thing that jumped out at me most was in season 2 when they find the hatch and Desmond. He gives them the orientation film, but a section was missing (importance discussed later).

The missing section was in the hatch with the tail section group. Why was it split up? The reason makes sense now. The missing section said that the computer could not be used for anything but pressing the button and communication with other stations was forbidden, as the communication lead to a series of events that caused the *incident*. Chang knew because he had met the losties before he made the video. Why would you say not to use it to communicate, "you know what they say about curiousity", so it was taken out completely. The last episode of 5 and the first e! pisode of 6 make you think it "worked". I believe that it worked off the island not on the island- creating the two worlds. The orientation videos were made later in time. The losties created the situation where the losties had to push the button. In the episode with Desmond first coming to the island, we learn about Radzinsky who shot himself. However, he was also the guy that started the dark-light drawing on the back of the door.

If he worked with the Dharma people "who created the stations" then he should not need a map to get to those places. What we haven't seen in season 6 is what happened to all the dharma people after the incident. I believe that they are still in 1970's still and will still create the Swan. Chang knows about the losties and their time traveling from the future, so he will create the video saying not to use the computer to communicate because the need for 108 was because of the incident. With the "flash sideways" we are now seeing the incident! work on the outside world. However, and I believe this becau!se of th e lighthouse and Jack, that the losties will realize this and find a way to create a situation where there "other selves" in the alt timeline who did make it to LA come to the island. It's a never ending loop of time. MIB and Jacob are trying to find holes in the loop. I think that the family members of the losties have all been tied into the island for a long time as well. A sort of blood line.

I know there can be flaws in this logic, but I definitely believe that Chang made the video because Michael used the computer to talk to Walt...which lead to a series of events that caused the incident.

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